Virtual Labs College Cloud Edition

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

The document describes building a College Cloud Edition for virtual-labs.

Virtual Labs College Cloud Edition is the Portable-Edition for Virtual Labs. It offers the offline version of Virtual labs, experiments and theoretical content. This edition addresses the lack of internet access or poor internet connectivity across different institutes/colleges. It results in a very cost-effective Learning Management System.

1.1 Objective

Build the Portable-Edition on HDD and make it portable. The portable media can be used for accessing the labs from local machine (no need of internet connection).

2 Requirements

3 Design

4 Implementation

5 List of labs hosted on cluster and on Open edX platform

6 Installation manual

7 Installation manual for 2 machines

8 Steps for Cloning College Cloud Edition

9 Proposed and changed designed plans

10 SyncThing

11 GitHub Issues

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